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The Purple Shovel

The symbol of Nature Nursery is the Purple Shovel. Evard and Desta Gibby came to Idaho in 1944 when most of the irrigation was done by dirt ditches and canals. This meant that to water the fields, a shovel was a necessity. Evard bought ground to farm, and Desta had a love for gardening. Shovels were essential to them both, and they somehow disappeared frequently. Desta’s shovel in her garden seemed to disappear daily. Finally, tired of not knowing which shovel was hers or where it had gone, Desta painted her shovel a bright purple. From then on, she could always find her shovel, usually in the back of Evard’s pickup!

Nature Nursery uses the purple shovel as a symbol to represent the hard work done by those who founded our community and made it what it is today.

To celebrate these efforts, we host The Purple Shovel Market where vendors from surrounding areas join in an event to showcase and sell their own unique items.

All Your Gardening & Landscape Needs

We have bulk seed for all your gardening needs. We offer rock, bark, topsoil, compost, and garden soil in bulk and bags. We carry water features, boulders, and garden art to enhance the look of your home and business landscape and garden. Nature Nursery also offers Hydro-seeding and sod to complete the grassy areas of your home or business.

We have the largest selection of trees and shrubs that will grow in our area. We offer tree planting services. The best time to plant a tree is in the spring or fall.

During the summer months we keep our landscape crew busy with new construction, remodel, and refreshing landscaping. We love helping people with landscape design for gardens and lawns.

More Than Just A Nursery

Nature Nursery is opened year-round and have exciting things happening all year. We offer a variety of classes throughout the year including, Thanksgiving centerpieces, holiday wreaths, herb cooking and growing, and many more to come.

Exciting events occur throughout the year including, Purple Shovel Market, Halloween Activities, and Celebration of Christmas.

We have a wide variety of pots. We offer custom potting throughout the year to keep your patio fresh and in season.

House plants, succulents, and home décor are available throughout the year.

We offer a range of Tropical Plants that love the sunshine and make great house plants.

We are proud to service the Mini-Cassia and surrounding area. We love our customers and want you to feel like family.